Computer Aided Design is one of our flagship tools. At Blueworld Technology, we design and study models of 3D objects with maximum precision. This allows us to perform numerical simulations to test each object before manufacturing. Thus, with this process, we can make or layout more complex parts using software such as Catia V5.

Reverse Engineering

With nearly 20 years of experience in the field of Reverse Engineering, Blueworld Technology has become an expert in 3-dimensional rendering of an existing object using an STL scan or cloud of points, while respecting the client’s specifications.

Digital Modeling

Digital modeling allows us to create 3D digital models from an existing 3D file or drawing. The follow-up by a designer is done in order to validate design intentions and to ensure the smooth functioning of the future product.

Class-A Surfacing

The Class-A Surfacing makes it possible not only to visualize the inside and outside rendering of the product, but also to attest of its industrial feasibility and smooth operation. Our expertise in the digital field allows us to produce and digitize Class-A quality surfaces, a crucial step in the design and development of a vehicle, for example.

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Our partner RCD Except is a top-class partner and among their clients, numerous world-renowned leaders of the industry.

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